Express Lightness Treatment for ,,Heavy Legs "

Lymphatic drainage is a painless and relaxing procedure. By appropriately applied pressure, it improves lymph circulation, allows you to get rid of toxins and restores proper metabolism. During the lymphatic drainage treatment, the body is pressurized with a certain strength. It begins distal (further) parts and gradually moves towards the heart. Such a compression massage improves the functioning of the lymphatic system. Forcing the lymph, improves its flow and drains excess to the lymph nodes. This transport is increasing not only locally, but also throughout the body, which accelerates therapeutic effects. Then, for greater relaxation, we use a bandage that combines cooling with adequate pressure . Menthol contained in the bandage causes a persistent, pleasant feeling of coolness.

The treatment includes: drainage massage of the legs, cooling bandages, final care

170 zloty (45 min)

Raspberry Wrap Treatment

We start the treatment with an extremely nourishing sugar peeling of the whole body ,the scent of which will take us to a state of blissful relaxation. The next stage of the Soft Pack treatment is to apply a nutritional compress to the body. The client is then wrapped in layers of elastic mattress cuffs and immersed in the water. There is warm water under the mattress, making, that the body is kept weightless - it floats slightly in the water. The body feels no barriers, thanks to which it is completely relaxed. The treatment is comfortable and extremely relaxing. The effectiveness of the relaxation bath has been confirmed in physiotherapeutic centers. The effect of the preparations is moisturized, nourished skin. At the end, the body is drained of excess product and we move on to the final body care application.

The treatment includes: peeling, nourishing wrap in the Soft Pack thermal bed, final care

210 zloty (60 min)

A revitalizing treatment

We start the treatment with a salt peeling of the whole body. After applying the revitalizing compress, the client is wrapped in a warm mattress, under which it is located 300 liters of warm water . Body lightly, naturally, rises. A feeling similar to lying on a warm water surface, but the bath is dry. It's a "water bed" with appropriate music, candlelight, high-quality preparations used during the treatment create an atmosphere of complete relaxation of the muscles, tired body and psyche This is an exceptionally luxurious SPA treatment, which guarantees a feeling of deep relaxation and is a nice escape from everyday problems. At the very end of the treatment, in order to relax and unwind, a gentle back massage will be performed., elastic skin.

The treatment includes: peeling, revitalizing wrap in the Soft Pack thermal bed, relaxing back massage

250 zloty (60 min)

Underwater Journey Ritual

We start the weelnes ritual with an energizing body peeling, which will remove impurities from the skin and exfoliate dead skin cells. Relaxing and calming bath works wonders. After heavy, exhausting day, to warm up, as aromatherapy or as a moment of peace and relaxation. We love this ritual especially in the fall and winter season, because we associate it with a state of bliss and warmth. The care bath will refresh the body and stimulate vitality ,relaxes and the final care with a nourishing balm will do, that the skin will regain its velvety softness.

The treatment includes: peeling, care bath, final care

230 zloty (70 min)

Firming ritual

We start the ritual with salt peeling to cleanse the skin, getting rid of dead epidermal cells, opening the pores, to prepare the body for further care. Then there is a massage to perform it, we use highly selected products , which contain firming and smoothing substances. Body firming massage is a combination of carefully selected techniques and movements with professional, highly concentrated cosmetics . This massage gives visible results in the form of firming, smoothing and nourishing the skin and improving the contours of the figure. It also protects against premature skin aging and is an excellent treatment supporting and supplementing the slimming process. The effect of the firming massage is taut and smooth skin and, in addition, a prettier figure.

The treatment includes: peeling, firming massage of the whole body

280 zloty (75 min)

Honey Paradise Ritual

The ritual begins with a salt peeling of the whole body. Then a honey massage is performed, it is an excellent form of natural therapy. Precious nutrients contained in honey detoxify the body and nourish the skin. Honey massage, unlike other massages, removes toxins from the body not only through the excretion organs, but mainly through the skin. The honey used has a liquid consistency. After applying it to the body, the masseuse starts a massage, and her movements are like taking your hands off your body. As a result, the massage cleans the epidermis of callous layers, supports weight loss, reduces scars, stretch marks, cellulite, as well as any pain ailments, then we move on to the second phase of the relaxation treatment and calming down the body after the intense feelings of the first phase ,a relaxing warm oil massage will be performed. The final stage of the ritual consists of washing the body and applying final care to nourish the skin

The treatment includes: peeling , relaxing full body massage with honey consisting of 2 stages of stimulating and relaxing, final care

320 zloty (90 min)

Chocolate Pleasure Ritual

The chocolate ritual is an aromatic wellness treatment that stimulates the senses. Hot chocolate and a unique aroma will instantly relax you and put you in a great mood. Chocolate triggers the production of endorphins - the happiness hormones! A real feast for the body and senses. Ritual, that will soothe your mind, gently cares for the skin and takes you to the sweet world of relaxation. Thanks to the content of substances that stimulate the happiness hormone, chocolate has anti-depressant properties. The mood improves just because of the smell! Cocoa beans have an amazing effect on the skin - it contains vitamin A, E, i F (which perfectly moisturize and smooth the skin), magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, and calcium, and is rich in flavonoids, which neutralize free radicals. All this allows the skin to be deeply moisturized, slow down the aging processes and rejuvenate the body. The ritual starts relaxing, sugar peeling, and then, the whole body is massaged real chocolate with the highest cocoa content 90% and natural oils. Then you are wrapped in foil and left for a moment of relaxation in order to penetrate the ingredients deeper. At the end of the treatment, a finishing treatment is applied.. The ritual takes place in the surroundings of relaxing music, candlelight and the wonderful smell of chocolate. During the visit, we will put you in a state of deep relaxation, you will feel real pleasure and forget about mundane matters for a moment

The treatment includes: peeling , chocolate massage, chocolate wrap, final care

330 zloty (100 min)



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