Pedicure milling machine/milling machine + classic omega

This is a basic foot care treatment. The treatment begins with a nourishing bath in softening salt. Then, using a milling machine, we remove any calluses on the feet. If necessary, we can use omega to cut off excess calloused skin and then smooth it with a milling machine. After developing the feet, we move on to nail care, i.e. shaping the nails , removal of cuticles with a special preparation, leveling the tile structure by matting. After the entire process of preparing the feet and nails, a care scrub is made, then a cream selected for the current needs is applied to the feet.

price: 80 zloty (45 min)

Pedicure with color/french painting

The treatment is performed as a basic care pedicure. However, after the foot peeling, the nails are degreased in order to prepare them for the application of varnish. We start by applying the base to protect the nails, then we apply the color and the finishing top.

price: 100 - 110 zloty (75 min)

Hybrid color/french pedicure

Hybrid pedicure is a combination of a pedicure treatment with painting nails with a hybrid varnish. It is important that the pedicure is always performed using a milling machine with a dust absorber, which guarantees full comfort and hygiene of this procedure. Hybrid pedicure provides a lasting shine up to 4 weeks - no streaks, chipping and abrasion. The treatment begins with a warm nourishing bath, then milling the feet to remove the calloused epidermis.

Then the nails are prepared for further care - removing the cuticles and shaping the nails, slight matting, painting nails with hybrid varnish. Then, foot peeling and care cream are applied.

price: 115 - 120 zloty (75 min)

Hybrid for color/french feet

This is the development of the toenails, giving them the desired shape, removing the cuticles, slight matting of the nails. Then we move on to painting nails with hybrid varnish. When the painting process is finished, we apply care olive on the nails.

price: 60 - 65 zloty (45 min)

Hybrid removal in the feet + conditioner

We also provide our clients with the removal of hybrid varnish from toenails. The gel polish removal procedure itself takes approx. 30 minutes. During this time, flakes soaked in a special acetone-based preparation are applied to the nail plate, where they are kept around 10-15 min. For ease of use, each nail wrapped with a wet flake is additionally wrapped with aluminum foil, which will make the process work faster. After the right time, the foil flakes are removed and the nails are subjected to biological manicure plus the application of the conditioner.

price: 40 zloty (30 min)



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