Soft Pack is a relaxation tub, used for making warm compresses. It is filled with heated water, separated from the client's body with a special mattress. Thanks to the mattress with cuffs that wrap the body, it floats freely on the water, muscles and joints relax and unwind. During Soft Pack treatments, the body is immersed in water, but it stays dry. Treatments in a relaxation tub are called rituals. Body products are of high quality, which perfectly nourishes and smoothes the skin. Treatments in the relaxation tub are accompanied by dedicated music and gentle, mood light

Types of compresses:

acts as a rebuilding serum, nourishes dry and sensitive skin, soothes irritations

instantly moisturizes, firms, makes the skin more elastic

Mud removes fatigue , relieves local pain, clearly gives a feeling of relaxation and improves the condition of the skin

110 zloty (30 min)



the. Turystyczna 1,

34-350 Cisiec

(next to Wegierska Górka)