Massage the face, neck and neckline


preceded by a suitable peeling

The effect of cosmetic massage is very beneficial for the skin of the face, neck and cleavage. The skin is cleansed of the callous epidermis open pores secrete used metabolic products.

The main purpose of massage is to stimulate, loosening and calming down the massaged part, in this case, the face, neck and cleavage. Massage has a preventive effect. It keeps the skin and muscles supple and firm.

In addition, the skin becomes pink during the massage, warm, which results in better blood supply, consequently it becomes better nourished.

Cosmetic massage performed properly and regularly increases the level of skin elasticity, prevents the formation of wrinkles, firms, smoothes and improves circulation. After a series of approx 10 Massage treatments, fine lines disappear, and the deeper ones decrease considerably.
Such a massage also has a relaxing and relaxing effect and allows you to get rid of worries. The treatment relaxes tense muscles, ensures proper energy flow, calms down and calms down, removes symptoms of stress and anxiety, relieves tension, headaches and a stiff neck. That is why cosmetic massage regenerates our skin, and also the soul. Beauty is to a great extent a reflection of a person's interior.

Face massage, neck and neckline is recommended for people, who live under constant stress and exhaustion.

The price of the procedure: 80 zloty (25 min)



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