Waxing is one of the most common methods of removing unwanted hair. The hair is pulled out with the bulbs, which allows you to maintain the effect of smooth skin even from 2-6 weeks. Depending on the individual hair growth rate. Hair removed regularly becomes weaker, they brighten up and are much softer. We try to perform the treatment quickly and efficiently, so that the pain is practically not felt,

the sensation of pain depends on the sensitivity of the skin and the sensitivity threshold of the person. We use Depileve products for hair removal – a world leader in professional hair removal.

We use it depending on the treatment site and sensitivity:

– soft wax in a roll (strip method)- mostly large areas- legs, hands, back

– traditional hard wax ( stripless method)- works great even on extremely sensitive skin- face area, smell, bikini


20 zloty


25 zloty

Face (mandible chin mustache)

60 zloty


50 zloty

Whole hands / forearms

80 zloty


60 zloty

Whole legs

100 zloty

Shallow bikini

60 zloty



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