Biological manicure

The treatment consists in working out the nail plate, giving it the right shape and removing excess cuticles around the nails. Then the nail plate will be polished, which makes it look healthy and shiny, A care olive is massaged onto the cuticle area.

price: 40zloty (30 min)

Japanese manicure

Japanese manicure is a procedure, which strongly strengthens and nourishes nails, giving them a healthy and beautiful appearance. It was born over four hundred years ago, and its initiators were Japanese aristocrats wondering about it, what actions to take, to make their nails look really special. Thanks to the intense rubbing of the nail with substances containing, among others. vitamin A. + E, bee pollen, silica from the Japanese sea, keratin - the nail plate gains a beautiful pink sheen, the nails become visibly healthier and stronger. The treatment is recommended especially in the case of brittle ones, weak and splitting nails. Recommended not only for ladies, but also men - both women, as well as men succumb to him with real satisfaction. The effect is visible after the first treatment. The treatment can be performed in series 3-4 treatments at intervals 2-3 weekly.

price: 50 zloty (40 min)

Manicure with color / french painting

The manicure treatment is carried out in many stages, the initial course is as in biological manicure, shaping, removing the cuticles, polishing, then when the nails are properly prepared, they are painted.. Always remembering that we start with the base in order to protect the nail plate and strengthen it, then the color and the finishing top. The treatment ends with the application of a moisturizing oil to the cuticles.

price: 60 - 65 zloty (60 min)

Hybrid color / french manicure

Hybrid manicure is the perfect solution for beautiful, healthy nails. It looks natural, and also helps to protect the nails by making them flexible, mirror finish, which does not tarnish, even under the toughest conditions. No more chipping, streaks and long drying time of the varnish! Hybrid nail polishes are a real revolution in the field of nail styling.
What distinguishes them from traditional varnishes is their extraordinary durability - they stay on the tile from 2 to even 3 weeks.

price: 70 - 75 zloty (60 min)

Hybrid color manicure + hardener / french + hardener

Everything remains the same as in hybrid manicure, but before applying the color, the nails are hardened with a special varnish for better durability, varnishes or recommended for brittle nails, brittle, splitting.

price: 80 - 85 zloty (75 min)

Removal of the hybrid manicure + conditioner

We also provide our clients with hybrid varnish removal from hand nails. The hybrid varnish removal procedure itself takes about 30 minutes. During this time, flakes soaked in a special acetone-based preparation are applied to the nail plate, where they are kept around 10-15 min. For ease of use, each nail wrapped with a wet flake is additionally wrapped with aluminum foil, which will make the process work faster. After the right time, the foil flakes are removed and the nails are subjected to biological manicure plus the application of the conditioner.

price: 40 zloty (30 min)

Paraffin hand treatment

A paraffin bath is an excellent treatment that restores the proper level of hydration to the hands and nails, improving the smoothness and firmness of the skin. It is an ideal care treatment for dry skin, chapped and rough. After the treatment, the skin becomes velvety and delicate to the touch. A warming paraffin bath effectively improves blood circulation, it relaxes the muscles and soothes aching joints

price: 50 zloty (30 min)



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