Advanced system strongly rejuvenating, based on two unique retinol complexes. Recommended for mature skin, with visible loss of firmness and wrinkles. A two-stage system with a strong rejuvenation effect, using unique, double retinol complexes in concentration 10% ,fortified with mandelic acid and the antioxidant effect of phytic acid and vitamin E..

Product advantages:

- initiates repair processes,

- helps to restore firmness, skin tension and density

- effectively smoothes,

- restores a youthful appearance

The effects of the treatment:

- reconstruction of the epidermis

- reduction of wrinkles

- lightening of discoloration

- antioxidant protection of skin cells

The most important advantages of the treatment:

- the highest concentration of Retinol

- a procedure adapted to the weather and the condition of the client's skin

- enhanced strength of Retijuvenation

- does not require recovery time!!

- the customer does not have to remember to wash off the products!!


Step 1

Professional treatment in the office, the key element of which is the application of the ampoule, which has a potentiated retinol complex with the highest concentration 10%, enhanced with a unique compilation of AHA acids. It affects the deeper layers of the skin, initiating repair processes, contributes to the restoration of firmness, skin tension and density.

Unique composition:

Double retinol complex with a concentration 10%

Almond acid (10%)

Phytic acid

Vitamin E

Step 2

Continuation of the treatment at home, which lasts for the next ones 7 days and consists in the application of a specialized cream for night skin renewal. Preparation, which includes a retinol complex with a concentration of 2,5%, papain and nutrients, effectively smoothes, eliminates skin imperfections, restoring a youthful appearance, increasing the level of hydration and giving a uniform color.

A specialized formula:

Double retinol complex with a concentration 2,5%

Almond acid




Vitamin E

Recommended frequency:

The series consists of 2 treatments at intervals of 7 do 10 days.

Action of retinol in the epidermis:

- accelerates the renewal of the epidermis,

- shows a normalizing effect in the differentiation processes of keratinocytes,

- affect the regulatory functions of the skin and the secretion of transcription factors, growth factors.

– eksfoliację stratum corneum

- due to the improvement of the structure of the stratum corneum, the protective function of the epidermis is enhanced and the transepidermal water loss is reduced - TEWL (Transepidermal Water Loss)

- increases the production of collagen and elastin. It stimulates the transformation of low-activity fibroblasts into cells with relatively high collagen production

- inhibits the activity of metalloproteinases that break down the extracellular matrix of connective tissue

- stimulates the reconstruction of reticulin fibers and the formation of new blood vessels, in the papillary layer of the dermis

- the increase in the number and activity of fibroblasts has a positive effect on the condition of the connective tissue of the dermis, improved firmness, elasticity and skin hydration
Face + neck + cleavage (one-time treatment) – 390zł (60 min)


The skin loses its elasticity over time, firmness and density. Hydration drops drastically, making, that the face looks tired. There is discomfort. The skin becomes thinner, which causes increased visibility of blood vessels. Redness or erythema appear, and not infrequently also rosacea.

In such a situation, intensive moisturizing is an extremely important action, strengthening blood vessels and reducing erythema


The first step consists of a treatment in a beauty salon. Its important element is the application of the LIFT PEEL STEP ampoule 1, With 10% pure glycyrrhizinic acid, improving elasticity, tightness and smoothness of the skin.

Glycyrrhizinic acid 10% - key active ingredient, which is obtained from licorice roots. It is very well tolerated by the skin, Effectively penetrates deep into it, without causing any side effects.

- has strong water-binding properties in the skin - moisturizing effect

- inhibits the action of hyaluronidase ( the enzyme responsible for the breakdown of hyaluronic acid in the skin)

- has a soothing effect

- inhibits irritation, skin inflammation, itching - recommended for the treatment of atopic skin, psoriasis or eczema

- removes swelling

- accelerates the healing of minor skin lesions

- reduces redness and irritation

- has antibacterial properties and regulates the secretion of sebum, supporting the fight against acne lesions

- works against free radicals, delaying skin aging processes

Gluconolactone - polyhydroxy brush ( PHASE). It is produced in the process of glucose oxidation or corn fermentation. It occurs naturally in the skin.

- has a soothing effect

- strongly moisturizes

- works against free radicals

- affects the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the dermis

Azeloglycine - it is a derivative of azelaic acid, well tolerated by the skin, non-irritating, effectively penetrating the skin.

- has antibacterial properties, sebostatic

- lightens discoloration

-due to the presence of a glycine molecule, the substance has a strong moisturizing and elasticizing effect

- anti-inflammatory, soothing

- reduces pimples, papules and erythema in rosacea therapy.
Its action is comparable to that of drugs containing metronidazole!

The second stage the program consists in applying the LIFT SERUM STEP 2, which the client receives in order to continue the care at home.


Glycyrrhizinic acid with a concentration of 5% - anti-wrinkle effect



Panthenol - soothing effect

Japanese butterbur - has a strong anti-inflammatory effect

The serum should be applied to cleansed skin 2 times a day in the morning and evening or only in the evening.

After applying the serum and the preparation is absorbed, apply cream.


- flaccid skin

- loss of skin firmness

- loss of skin density

- dry skin, sensitive, turned gray, irritated

- rosacea

- erythema

- wrinkles


- fungal infections, bacterial or viral skin

- herpes in the active phase

- pregnancy, lactation


- express skin lifting

- improvement of skin tension

- flexibility , skin firming

- thickening of the dermis

- reconstruction of the epidermis

- smoothing the skin structure

- significant increase in hydration

- reduction of redness, erythema

- reduction of fine wrinkles

Recommended frequency:

The series consists of 2 treatments at intervals of 7 do 10 days.

Po serii 2 treatments, we recommend home care using a cream from the same series of Lift Cream and Lift tonic, which will maintain the effects of the treatment series for up to six months. The product is available only in salons working at Peel Mission.


Face + neck + cleavage (one-time treatment) – 390zł (60 min)


Asiatic Peel

A unique treatment for dehydrated and hypersensitive skin due to the disturbance of the epidermal barrier.

The key ingredient of the line is asian acid, obtained from the Asian pennywort and a compilation of numerous ingredients with deep moisturizing and nourishing power, Sacha Inchi tree extract, NMF, inhibitor ceramidazy. Together, they create a unique source that restores the skin's hydro-balance, rebuild the epidermal barrier and smooth wrinkles, caused by dehydration.

Skin dehydration is a temporary condition, which can apply to all skin types, oily, mixed and acne, causing great discomfort and increased skin sensitivity to external factors, such as:

climatic conditions

incorrect diet and care,

environmental pollution use of detergents

Chronic dryness and dehydration and the related loss of skin elasticity adversely affect the comfort and quality of life. Besides the unsightly appearance (roughness and cracking of the epidermis, fine-flaked exfoliation), it can also itch, a feeling of "tightening" and burning.

The action of asiatic acid:

moisturizes by stimulating the synthesis of hyaluronic acid,

accelerates the healing of microdamages, thus rebuilding the barrier functions of the epidermis,

stimulates collagen synthesis,

has anti-aging properties,

has antibacterial properties,

has antioxidant properties

The effects of the treatment:

strengthening the hydro-lipid barrier of the epidermis

strong hydration

smoothing out wrinkles resulting from skin dehydration

restoring the barrier functions of the epidermis and restoring the skin's natural resistance to external factors

restoration of comfort

Asiatic Peel Moisture Harmony Treatment consists of three treatment steps with exceptional penetration power and high moisturizing potential.

Step 1: Step 1 Peeling - based on pure Asian acid and keratinase (proteolytic enzyme). It exfoliates the epidermis in a controlled manner, moisturizes, smoothes and increases the penetration of active ingredients applied at a later stage of the treatment.

Step 2: Step 2 Intense Moisture Serum - concentrated serum with asian acid. Its task is to reduce TEWL, strong hydration of the deeper layers of the epidermis and restoration of skin comfort. Additionally, it contains a cermidase inhibitor, which strongly regenerates the epidermal barrier, maintains an appropriate lipid balance, by stimulating their synthesis and limiting the degradation of ceramides.

Step 3: Step 3 Mask - this is a unique viscose mask, which is activated by a special liquid Mask Activator, containing asiatic acid, NMF and Sacha Inchi tree extract, extremely rich in PUFA. The mask supports the regeneration of the epidermal barrier, smoothes wrinkles resulting from dehydration, increases skin elasticity.

Face + neck + cleavage (peeling kawitacyjny do zabiegu gratis) – 290zł (60 min)


Coloderm Pro Age

Charakterystyczną cechą zabiegu COLODERM PRO-AGE jest wykorzystywanie nauki w zakresie holistycznego podejścia do zdrowia i urody. Dzięki synergii dwóch dobroczynnych składników: colostrum (zwanegomłodziwem”) i kompleksu triceramidów, zabieg i produkty do pielęgnacji domowej zapewniają wielokierunkową pielęgnację wspomagającą procesy zachowujące młodość bez agresywnej walki z biologią. Wpływają także na zachowanie równowagi skóry, szczególnie tej problematycznej w przebiegu trądziku pospolitego, różowatego, AZS i deficytu lipidów w naskórku.

Coloderm Pro-Age wyróżnia:

autorskie połączenie naturalnych składników aktywnych colostrum i kompleksu trzech ceramidów,

kompleksowa pielęgnacjazabieg i pielęgnacja domowa: od demakijażu po krem,

gotowe rozwiązanie dla skóry w każdym wieku,

koncepcja zgodna z najnowszymi trendami (skinimalism i pro-aging).

Receptury produktów bazują na składnikach aktywnych o działaniu:

sprzyjającym zachowaniu młodego wyglądu,

stymulującym procesy naprawcze skóry,

poprawiającym kondycję skóry,

wzmacniającym barierę ochronną.

COLODERM PRO-AGE TREATMENT składa się z trzech kroków zabiegowych. Wykorzystuje bioaktywny potencjał autorskiego połączenia naturalnych składników colostrum i trzech ceramidów:

STEP 1 PEELINGstanowi idealne przygotowanie skóry do kolejnych kroków procedury. Bazuje na ekstraktach bogatych w enzymy owocowe oraz usieciowanej papainie. Połączenie to wykazuje niezwykle skuteczne właściwości złuszczające. Sprzyja powstawaniu nowych komórek oraz zwiększa absorpcję składników z kolejnych etapów zabiegu.

STEP 2 AMPOULEto kwintesencja zabiegu. Bazuje na colostrum, drogocennym składniku, który zawiera ponad 250 związków aktywnych (including storage of sensitive requests and answers provided to maintain the principle of accountability. czynniki wzrostu, laktoferyna, immunoglobuliny itd.). Troskę o naturalne piękno wzmacnia obecność kompleksu trzech ceramidów, które wbudowują się w zniszczoną strukturę cementu międzykomórkowego i uszczelniają go. Dodatkowo niacynamid, kwas hialuronowy i arbutyna potęgują wielopłaszczyznowe działanie, intensywnie nawilżając, globalnie wzmacniając jej kondycję, oraz naturalną zdolność do ochrony przed czynnikami zewnętrznymi.

STEP 3 MASKmaska naprawcza zawierająca colostrum o właściwościach silnie stymulujących skórę do autoodnowy. Dodatkowo składnik ten, zwany również „młodziwem”, przyczynia się do przywrócenia skórze równowagi. Bogactwo potrójnych ceramidów oraz kwasu hialuronowego, działa jak potężna tarcza, która dogłębnie odżywia i zapobiega utracie wody, jednocześnie regenerując osłabioną i podrażnioną skórę. Formuła maski wzmacnia barierę ochronną skóry, zwiększa jej odporność na działanie wolnych rodników oraz czynników zewnętrznych. Kremowa, przyjemna w aplikacji konsystencja, otula cerę, przynosząc miękkość i komfort.

Face + neck + cleavage ( peeling kawitacyjny do zabiegu gratis) – 290zł (60 min)


Triple Power of Retinoids

6 kroków do idealnej cery!

Wieloetapowy zabieg na twarz o błyskawicznym działaniu dla cery z problemami

Face + neck + dekolt – 270zł (60 min)


An alternative to botox

B-Like Peel is a treatment based on 10% gamma-aminobutyric acid. It works by relaxing the muscles, to reduce expression lines. Thanks to muscle relaxation, micro-contractions are inhibited, and the skin is significantly smoothed. Additionally, it has a positive effect on the production of collagen and elastin. It is a safe and non-invasive alternative to Botox. The treatments are recommended for prematurely aging skins, lacking firmness, with wrinkles.


Single treatment - e.g.. as a banquet treatment (smoothing expression lines) or series 5-10 treatments, made every 7-14 days (long-term effect of natural reduction of expression lines, as well as improving the condition of the skin).

What is the effect after the B-Like Peel treatment??

- effective anti-aging effect
- reduction of fine expression lines
- improvement of skin elasticity
- more radiant, smooth and rested complexion

For which complexions is the B-Like Peel recommended?

Can be used all year round, recommended for all skin types.
The first signs of aging are visible, mimic wrinkles, skin lacking firmness and elasticity

Contraindications to the B-Like Peel treatment

- pregnancy, breast-feeding

- acute infections

- active herpes

- irritated skin, damaged

- intense exposure to the sun

- skin allergies and severe allergic reactions

- tendency to develop keloids
- cancers

- decompensated diabetes

- condition after treatment with oral retinoids (do 6 months)

Zabieg redukujący i wygładzający zmarszczki mimiczne (sonoforeza do zabiegu gratis) – 250zł (45 min)



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