Manual face cleansing


The skin cleansing treatment begins with full face make-up removal (including the eyes). Then a mask is put on the face to loosen the effect of this preparation - it is increased by the use of wapozon ,that is, a device that produces steam heat, thanks to which the pores of the skin are beautifully opened.
At the end of the vaporization, ozonization is applied, that is, including ozone in the treatment, which is bactericidal and bacteriostatic. The duration of the treatment with the use of wapozon takes approx 20 minutes. Then you can start manual facial cleansing. The mask is removed from each part of the face and it is then cleaned of blackheads and other impurities. Cleansing is very thorough, although at times it may seem a bit unpleasant. After cleansing the skin, darsonvalization is used, which disinfects the skin. Then we put on a bactericidal and silencing mask, to soften the complexion. After the appropriate time has elapsed, wash it off and apply the cream at the end of the treatment.
The treatment covers the face area.

The entire procedure takes approx 60 – 75 min

The price of the procedure: 150 zloty



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