Face + neck + cleavage

(make-up removal, peeling, serum + needle-free mesotherapy, mask, cream at the end)

170 zloty (60 min)


(make-up removal, peeling, serum + needle-free mesotherapy, mask, cream at the end)

150 zloty (45 min)

It is new, scientifically proven, a method that facilitates the penetration of cosmetics by opening channels using electrical potentials and specific types of waveforms. Electric impulses facilitate and enhance the penetration of active ingredients contained in skin care cosmetics:

– the most modern, non-invasive skin rejuvenation system
– used to rejuvenate the skin
– it is an alternative to classic needle mesotherapy
– uses in its operation the phenomenon of electroporation

Needle-free mesotherapy devices use physical phenomena occurring in cell membranes and in the stratum corneum of the skin, allowing for the opening of new ways of introducing active preparations, without the need for needles. The treatment is carried out with the use of high voltage, unidirectional pulsed radio frequency current. Needle-free mesotherapy is a safe process, because it does not damage cell membranes, but it only allows the introduction of cosmetic particles into individual cells.

Indications after mesotherapy

– anti-wrinkle prophylaxis

– prophylaxis against signs of aging

– smoothing stretch marks and scars

– sagging skin

– skin firming

– stimulating circulation


– skin rejuvenation

– normalization of the epidermis

– revitalization

– hydration

– toning

– lightening of spots

– smoothing out wrinkles

– lifting

– tissue micromassage as a result of pressure fluctuations in the tissues subjected to the treatment

– stimulation of tissue metabolism, facilitating the circulation of the necessary elements and radicals

– increasing the permeability of cell membranes, which facilitates deeper penetration of treatment preparations

– possibility of acting directly on the treatment area

– local temperature increase, accelerated cellular transport

– an alternative for people intolerant to chemical peeling

– no age restrictions

– painless course of the procedure

– safe and controlled depth of abrasion

– possibility of frequent repetition


– metal elements in the body

– heart diseases

– pacemaker

– venous diseases

– epilepsja

– skin hypersensitivity

– skin inflammation

– allergy to cosmetic ingredients

– pregnancy and breastfeeding

– diabetes

– bacterial infections, viral, fungal

– use of anticoagulants

– fever, weakness and exhaustion of the body

– neoplastic disease and nodules of unknown origin

– broken skin



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