Cisiec “Za Groniem”, ski lift located about 2km from the hotel, ideal to learn ski and snowboard, double T-bar lift, 500m long ski slope, illuminated, artificially snowed and groomed, parking.

Zwardoń “Zwardoń Ski”, ski lift with the only one in Żywiec Beskid 4 seat cableway (860m long), there is also a T-bar lift and a snowpark for extreme sports enthusiast.

Routes: Mały Rachowiec

  • red route 1- 900 m,
  • blue route 1a – 250 m,
  • blue route 1b – 300 m,
  • green route 4 – 200 m Baby Lift,
  • black route 5 – 600 m Freeride,
  • white route 6 – 3500 m / 3700 m Skitour,
  • grey route 7 – 2500 m cross-country.

Routes: Duży Rachowiec

  • red route 2 – 1200m,
  • blue route 3a – 1600m,
  • blue route 3b – 600 m.

Korbielów, routes and ski lifts on Pilsko massif in Korbielów are the highest situated routes in the Beskids, and the second highest taking into consideration the Polish Tatras. Therefore, there are very good natural snow conditions and a unique microclimate on Pilsko. Very diverse, not monotonous routes. You can use 14 ski lifts in total. Routes are prepared by snow groomers, the lower part of the slopes is artificially snowed and lighted. The distance from the hotel is about 30km, travel time around 35 minutes.

Żar Mountain, medium difficulty 1600m ski slope, artificially snowed and maintained with snow groomers, lighted and with sound system. Near the top station operates a 300m T-bar lift, there are as well other attractions for adults and children. At the lower station there is a ski slope for the youngest with a belt conveyor. The distance from the hotel is about 30km, travel time around 35 minutes.

pilsko zwardon_ski


Cross-country ski trail in the area of the municipality – length: 5km, trail in Żabnica, near the mountain hut on Hala Boracza.



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