Niesopusty – Węgierska Górka (January), during the Christmas and New Year’s day tourists visiting the municipality have the opportunity to meet a colourful parade of so called “Dziady”, i.e. New Year’s masqueraders. “Dziady” take to the streets and their passing is accompanied by the sounds of bells, music and cracking whips. Each group consists of: horses, a gypsy, a bride, a Jew, a death, a devil and a bear. Each group offers wishes and present prepared ceremony. Then the festival of horses take place.

International Heligonka Players Competition (July), event promoting playing the heligonka and bringing closer the traditional music of Polish Gorals. In the event take part the musicians from Poland, Czech and Slovakia. Together with brass bands they perform a song arranged by Golec brothers – co-organizers and members of the jury.

The days of Węgierska Górka (August), a very popular annual event. In the event programme, among others: fireworks show, international fishing competition, promotion of the regional cuisine and cultural heritage of Slovakia, Czech and Hungary, concerts of music stars.

Rysianka Peak Run (August), the competition in mountain races is targeted towards children, teenagers and adults. The event, which aim is to climb the Hala Rysianki (1324 MASL).

Heroic Defence of Węgierska Górka (1st September), a patriotic event, which take place at the Fort “Wędrowiec” in Węgierska Górka. It commemorates the heroism of the soldiers of Polish Border Defence Corps fighting during the first days of September 1939.

Łossod – Hala Boracza (September), the aim of the event is to continue the tradition and customs associated with the return of the shepherds from mountain pasture and ends the season of grazing sheep. During the event one can try the lamb and sheep cheese, and drink żentyca.

Hołdymas Gazdowski (November), “Hołdymasy” (formerly called) were organized by farmers after completed works on the farm, e.g. after the harvest, potato lifting, haymaking. That meant a better “jodło” (“food”) and great fun to the sound of folk music. That is the way of expressing the joy and satisfaction from the duty well done. At present, the event is participated by: 5 Farmer’s Wives’ Associations from Węgierska Górka Municipality and Sheep and Goat Breeders’ and Healthy Food Manufacturers’ Association.

In the event programme: artistic shows of individual FWA group, tasting the regional dishes prepared by the associations and an exhibition of handicrafts and items of everyday use of our fathers and grandfathers.

Beskidzki Cross Węgierska Górka (November), a mountain run at a distance of 5km for the people with disabilities, high school students and women. Main run (18km) for men.