bielskoBielsko-Biała, the capital of Podbeskidzie, “Little Vienna”, and numerous monuments and tourist attractions in it. Worth visiting is the Old Town Square – the heart of the medieval Bielsko. surrounded by baroque-classicist tenements of 17th -18th centuries. The tenements were rebuilt in the 19th century after repeated fires. The Town Hall, Polish Theatre and the building of Poczta Polska are also noteworthy. You should also take the cableway to enjoy the panoramic view of Bielsko-Biała.


Wadowice is a town in Małopolskie Voivodeship, located in the Silesian Foothills on the river Skawa. The birthplace of Pope John Paul II, visited by Polish, tourists from abroad and pilgrims. Noteworthy are: John Paul II Family Home, The Town Museum (one of the oldest building in the town), Smaller Bailica of the Presentation of the Lord, Emil Zegadłowicz Museum, Monastery of the Discalced Carmelite Fathers, St. Joseph Sanctuary “Na górce” of 1899, Karol Hagenhuber’s patisserie.

Pętla Beskidzka, Koniaków sightseeing – where famous throughout Poland lace-made products come from, Istebna sightseeing – where you can see so-called “Kurna chata”, Wisła sightseeing with Beskidzkie Museum, The President’s Castle and ski jump, and Ustroń sightseeing with taking the cableway to Czantoria hill.

oswiecimOświęcim and Auschwitz Birkenau Museum, which is the place of commemoration of the most horrible in the history of the world factory of death – a concentration camp built by the German. It makes a powerful impression on the visitors, as it allows at least partially to imagine the scale of the Holocaust.