Information on hygiene and safety rules,

valid during the stay at the Facility for the day 18.05.

ladies and gentlemen,

For the sake of safety and hygiene, in connection with the prevailing situation, we would like to inform you about the conditions prevailing in the Hotel during your stay.

Hotel - common areas and rooms:

1. The hotel day starts at. 15:00, ends at. 11:00 the next day.

2. A face mask must be worn in all common areas.

In its absence, can be purchased at the Hotel Reception.

3. Before entering the hotel and restaurant, you should disinfect your hands.

Containers with antibacterial soap are located at the entrance.

4. Corridors, railings, door handles, countertops are disinfected daily.

5. All rooms are ozonated before arrival.

All items in the room will be disinfected each time.

6. There is a possibility of renting bicycles, which are also disinfected each time.

7. The elevator must be used individually or within the same room as people staying in the same room.

8. Room cleaning for longer stays is on request, during the absence of guests.


1. Before entering the restaurant, you should disinfect your hands.

2. All tables, chairs, the tops are disinfected each time.

3. Breakfasts take place between. 8:00-11:00 maintaining the distance of tables 2m and the total maximum number of people who can stay in the restaurant. (20 people)

4. The restaurant is open from. 12:00-20:00 in compliance with the above-mentioned principles.

In the event of any disease symptoms, please notify the Facility Staff immediately.

Thank you for your understanding.



the. Turystyczna 1,

34-350 Cisiec

(next to Wegierska Górka)